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Meet Chef Sandra

Managing Director of Toscana Saporita Cooking School in Tuscany

Sandra Rosy Lotti is known throughout Italy for her cookbooks on Tuscan regional cuisine. She has also co-authored with Anne Bianchi, ’Dolci Toscani’, the definitive compilation of Tuscan dessert recipes and is a contributing writer for Intermezzo cook magazine. Lotti is the owner and managing director of Toscana Saporita Cooking School, she frequently contributes to Italy’s most prestigious cooking magazines and conducts private cooking lessons.

Sandra Rosy Lotti embodies the essence of the Italian spirit in her warmth, her zest for life and her passion for great food. These qualities, combined with her outstanding skill as an ebullient teacher make Toscana Saporita the perfect place for eager students to learn the art of Tuscan cookery. In New York City Lotti frequently appears at James Beard Foundation House, French Culinary Institute, la Cucina Italiana and Degustibus Cooking School.

Toscana Saporita was founded in 1994 by Anne Bianchi and Sandra Rosy Lotti. The school occupies the ground floor of a 16th century villa and welcomes students from all over the world.

Our students encompass every level from culinary beginners to accomplished chefs who come to study the unique nature of Tuscan Cuisine. Taught by three experienced professional chef instructors, all classes are completely hands on, small in size and completely conducted in English.

My staff is unique: each one of the chefs you see listed on our staff page has a special place in my heart. They gave all their knowledge and time to the students and worked long hours with them, building strong relationships.

Family, tradition, love, ties, stubbornness, laughing until you cry…. these are the qualities that define Toscana Saporita Cooking School and make it unique and so special. We teach you ancient and traditional dishes, using only the freshest and seasonal ingredients. We run classes even if we have 2 students because we care and mostly because we have a commitment to all of you who book, sometimes, a year or two in advance.

My promise to all of those who enter the door of the school is that you will take my passion for this land home with you. You will go back as brand new person, enriched and changed. This land can change you; the people you will meet will change you. I will change you and YOU will want to come back again and again…. for more! Sandra R Lotti

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